Total Mobility EQ: Hoof Plus Joint Supplement
The Hoof Supplement with a Kick!

Total Mobility EQWhat matters most in a supplement is the type of nutrients used and the amount and quality of the ingredients.

Total Mobility EQ™ is the strongest, highest quality premium hoof supplement on the market, scientifically formulated to promote strong, healthy hooves. It also contains Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl***, an effective ingredient to help your horse's joints. Total Mobility EQ's wide range of proven ingredients, several of which contribute sulphur, feed the many complex tissues required for your horse's "total mobility", at the lowest daily cost possible, and in a convenient, premixed pelletted form that is easy to use, easy to dose, and easy to justify to the average horse owner's pocketbook. There is NO better product available on the market today!

With the development of Total Mobility EQ™, the doctors at MD's Choice have created a product with highly effective levels of the specific nutrients that are the most important and necessary for maintenance of both hoof and joint health. Through exhaustive study and research, they have determined the best quality and form of each ingredient and what the safest and most effective dosage is for each of those ingredients.

The idea that "more is better" is not always true, so be careful of similar products that have extremely high quantities of certain ingredients, such as Methionine, which can be potentially harmful to your horse. See note below *.

Compare Total Mobility EQ™ to Some of the Other Hoof Supplements
Product Form Biotin
A (IU)
D3 (IU)
E (IU)
Sulphate or HCl
(see note below)
Total Mobility EQ™ Pellet 25 2,500 3,200 30** 12,000 4,700 200 Yes/Yes 5,100 mg
Biotin Gold™ Powder 20 1,000 2,000         Yes/No  
Biotin Plus Powder 50   25         No/No  
Farrier's Formula® Pellet 5.3 1,081 6,195*         Yes/Yes  
Focus HF Pellet 6   3,147         Yes/Yes  
Grand Hoof™ Powder 20 1,500 3,000         Yes/Yes  
H.B. 15™ Pellet 20 125 75         No/No  
Hooflex+™ (Hoof+) Pellet 15 2,575 3,000 200 649   250 Yes/Yes  
Pellet 7.5 93.5 1,445         Yes/Yes  
Joint Combo®
Hoof & Coat
Pellet 16 124.5 73.5 16       Yes/No 1,800 mg
Master's Hoof
Powder 20 1,500 1,800 50       Yes/Yes  
Nu-Foot™ Pellets Pellet 15   1,200   35,000 3,750 300 Yes/Yes  
Nu Hoof
Powder 30 2,000 1,800         Yes/Yes  
Right Balance™ Pellet 5           200 Yes/No  
Shoer's Friend Pellet 6.25 1,134 7,142* 170       Yes/Yes  
* Studies have shown that 7,000 mg of Methanine (in a 1,000 pound horse) can actually block or inhibit the bodies ability to use copper, which is vital to healthy skin, hair, and hooves. Our professionals specifically designed Total Mobility EQ to be safe and effective and to allow doubling the dose for therapy & treatment while staying under the 7,000 mg maximum research has proven to have potentially adverse effects. 
Total Mobility EQ contains the Amino Acid Chelate form of Manganese, which is the most bioavailable form of Manganese. Check to see if your hoof supplement is using this form. Many do not.
*** Glucosamine HCl has been proven to be less bioavailable than Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl, with significantly lower absorption. See below for more details.

Beware! All types of Glucosamine are NOT created equal!

Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl: This is the basic building block of connective tissues and fluids. Studies have shown that, when Glucosamine Sulphate is given orally, within 30 minutes 87-97% is actively taken from the gut into the blood. Further, within 4 hours, the chondrocytes (joint cells) have actively taken it from the blood. When linked together with sulfur, chains of glucosamines become several different types of connective tissues and joint fluid. [A lack of sulfur will cause the production of connective tissues to stop.] Also an enzyme can slightly change the shape of the glucosamine so that it is also the basic building block of the chondroitin sulfates.

In one clinical study, where Glucosamine Sulphate was fed to horses, 77% of Navicular disease and 100% of Spavin cases returned to normal function.

N-acetyl-glucosamine: This form of Glucosamine has been proven not to have active uptake from the gut.

Glucosamine HCl: There are no studies that show if Glucosamine HCl is actively taken in from the gut, or how much of it actually gets into the body or the joints. However, whatever portion does make it into the joints must be undergo changes before it can be used in connective tissues. The HCl must be removed and a sulphate added. Furthermore, Glucosamine HCl is not stable in liquids. Published experiments have shown that over half of the Glucosamine HCl added to a liquid solution will breakdown within 27 hours. Within 4 days, these new and different "breakdown products" form completely different molecules that were 20 times larger than what was originally in the solution.

From the article "Joint Supplements: The Good, the Bad and the Useless"

Available in the following sizes:

7 lb. Container:

  • 60-day supply at preventative dosage
  • 30-day supply at maintenence dosage
  • 15-day supply for severe problems

21 lb. Container:

  • 180-day supply at preventative dosage
  • 90-day supply at maintenence dosage
  • 45-day supply for severe problems

Note: If you have a serious joint related problem, such as an injury, Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome or Founder, you need to either add or use Gluquestrian for optimal joint health.

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Some people have noticed that our pelleted products have the "Mobile Millings" logo on them. These two products (Mobility EQ & Total Mobility EQ) are exclusively MD's Choice formulas and property. They are sold & supported exclusively by MD's Choice.

The logo was put on these products, because in April 2003 MD's Choice entered into a legal  contract to purchase Mobile Milling, and we jointly planned to use the Mobile Milling logo (then a subdivision of MD's Choice) on all pelleted products. However, in August 2003 (after we'd printed thousands of foil labels) the principles at Mobile Milling decided they didn't want to be bought anymore. So, after much thought and discussions, we agreed to let them out of the purchase contract without penalties. We parted on friendly terms. As we reprint the expensive foil labels, we will be putting the MD's Choice logo & phone numbers on the main label. Until then, we will continue to label the top of the containers with the free consultation number, which rings directly to MD's Choice.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. This is an incredibly strong product that is both safe and effective. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Terry Mercer, President
MD's Choice, Inc.

For individual consultation or
to find a dealer in your area, call

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